Deepening Sensual Connection™

— a two-day experiential work(play)shop to discover what the body knows and to love from the inside out


Facilitators: Bonnie Bhatti, PhD LICSW, and Dan Webb



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Saturday, _________, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and
Sunday, _________, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Price: $150 per person — To register, click here.



Venue: Meg Kane's Workshop Center

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Topics and exercises:

Note:   The content and exercises in the work(play)shop are about sensory experiences.  They are not explicitly sexual.  Most people will be comfortable doing all the exercises with anyone with whom they would hold hands or hug.  Gender dynamics and the impact of sensual connection on sexual desire and behavior may be raised during discussions among participants.  Some participants in group discussions might share sexually explicit information.  Please keep in mind that the type of information individuals decide to share with the group is up to them.  You will not be asked to share anything explicitly sexual.

Bonnie Bhatti, PhD LICSW, has been a therapist for over 25 years and is licensed in Washington and Hawaii. She is known for her warm, engaging style as a therapist, wellness coach and educator. She uses mindfulness and body-centered therapies such as hypnosis and Hakomi in her work with adults and couples. Bonnie has taught over 30 workshops and several college courses for counselors. Through the course of her personal life and career, she has been acutely aware for the power of loving touch and is delighted to partner with Dan Webb in offering this workshop.  |  (425) 941-2370
         Dan Webb is a systems thinker and a student of perception.  He earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, with emphasis in psychometrics and biofeedback.  Dan was trained as a yoga teacher in the tradition of Swami Rama of the Himalayas, Himalayan Institute for Yoga Science and Philosophy.  Dan is a facilitator of Voice Dialogue, trained by the Voice Dialogue Institute.  He is an Avatar Master and a second-degree Reiki practitioner.  Dan’s career has focused on high-tech project management and software development.  |  (206) 818-2558


Intimate relationships can be a source of great fulfillment and joy ... or of frustration, stress, loneliness and unfulfilled longing.  In this work(play)shop, we'll practice a more sensual way of experiencing ourselves and each other that more successfully fulfills our need for connection.  Couples will practice hugging, holding hands, and communicating in new ways.  (This will be an non-sexual experience in which all participants are fully clothed throughout.)  We'll practice enlivening our senses and remaining sensually aware from moment to moment.  Experiencing a lover from this perspective can change the whole experience of romantic love and partnership.

When a lover connects with their beloved in a fulfilling, romantic or erotic way, it raises the blood level of oxytocin, sometimes called "the cuddle hormone," a key biological factor in happy pair bonding.   In this work(play)shop and in the assignments between sessions, we'll practice ways of perceiving, breathing, touching, caressing and being present with each other that are known to consistently raise oxytocin and, with it, a pleasurable sense of well-being and connection.

These topics will be covered in optional followup sessions:

  • Female sexual anatomy, response, behavior and experience
  • Male sexual anatomy, response, behavior and experience
  • The importance of orgasm in promoting health ... and how to orchestrate them
  • Methods and benefits of reaching a state of autonomic flow in erotic arousal
  • Basic principles of being a magnificent lover
  • Easy ways to facilitate sufficient vaginal lubrication and erections for happy intercourse
  • Nourishing Feedback Communication — Skillful communication about sensitive topics and conflicts couples often encounter
  • Other topics the participants identify

Things You Can Do Today to Deepen Your Sensual Awareness

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